Point of Sale System (POS)

Digico Point of Sales system is a Web application which has been designed to make Computerized Sales and Inventory System, this system can be used accordingly to make their work more efficient and reliable for the processing of their transactions. The POS serves as the central component for the business; it’s the hub where everything like sales, inventory and customer management merges.

Digico POS system makes the process fast and accurate in the recording of sales and inventory. This makes an effective and efficient sales and inventory system that can properly monitor the flow of the products from the sales and inventory. For a small business with few products, such management can be done manually, however as the size of the business increases and the list of products grows. It becomes big and hassles to track the goods of sales and inventory. That is why Digico developers mend to develop and make a computerized point of sale and inventory system solution that could efficiently handle the responsibility of sales and inventory system.

Functionalities of the Digoco Point of sales system.

Billing and order processing

  • Barcode scanning
  • Multiple payment options – Cash, Card, Wallet
  • Returns and refunds
  • Saved carts.
  • Seasonal packages and discounts
  • Invoice generation and printing
  • Gift receipt
  • Printing, save as PDF, email invoices.
  • Product categories and subcategories
  • Product search
  • Alert items running low on stock.
  • Backend invoice generation
  • Lock the pos
  • Daily profit, sales
  • Daily cash status

Customer management

  • Add / edit / delete customers and customers data.
  • Track orders by customers
  • Add / edit / delete corporate customers.

Inventory and stock management

  • Stock visibility
  • Update inventory
  • Make stock adjustments.
  • Stock transfer note
  • Goods received note (GRN)
  • Stock return system
Digico Point of Sales Customers.
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